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Our pets can suffer from a variety of skin problems. The PetMed professionals are experienced in assessing skin and coat issues, identifying the source of the problem, and addressing these concerns promptly to return your pet to a state of comfort and well being.

Common Skin Problems

The most common dermatological issues facing dogs and cats are parasites and allergies. Typical symptoms of these problems include excessive chewing, licking, scratching, or biting of the skin; bumps or rashes; and an uncomfortable restlessness. Both allergies and parasite infestations can lead to secondary infections as well, jeopardizing your pet’s overall health.

Parasite Prevention & Treatment

External parasites include fleas, ticks, and mites. Prevention is always the preferred action when discussing such parasites, and preventive medications are easy to use and reasonably priced. Sacrificing your pet’s comfort and health is never an acceptable option to simple preventive care.

In spite of every effort at prevention, occasionally pets can pick up these tiny pests. The first step in addressing this concern is to treat the infestation, both on the body and in the environment. Medications to address infestations can be purchased over the counter; however, many of these products are ineffective and even toxic. Always seek guidance from your veterinarian in choosing an appropriate and effective treatment to eliminate external parasites.

These annoying pests can cause illness, irritation, and allergic reactions. We recommend a thorough skin exam by your veterinarian for any parasite infestation to look for signs of these problems. Addressing this issue early can provide relief for your pet and prevent the need for costly extended treatments.

Allergies in Pets

Dogs and cats can be allergic to many things in their environment, from flea bites to food products. While not a true allergy, pets can also develop a sensitivity to household cleaners and other environmental irritants. The most common symptoms of any allergy or sensitivity are itching and rash. To avoid extending your pet’s discomfort, seek immediate help for symptoms such as repeated scratching, licking, biting, or rubbing the skin.

Our dermatology services include allergy testing, medical treatment, and products to provide immediate relief and healing, as well as counseling for avoiding future exposure to the offending allergens. Addressing allergies may include a combination of treatments such as antibiotics, antihistamines, steroids, medicated shampoos, and topical medications. We work with each patient and pet owner to provide the maximum relief in a minimum time frame.

Contact PetMed at the earliest hint of skin discomfort in your pets.

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