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Veterinary Oncology Services in Nashville

Here at PetMed in Nashville, we're proud to provide veterinary oncology services such as animal surgery and pet chemotherapy, as well as referrals to other oncology specialists as needed to offer your pet the best possible outcome. No one wants to hear a diagnosis of cancer, either for their human loved ones or for their pets. But animals can and do get cancer, and if your pet is among those afflicted with this potentially disease, you need to know you've got a Nashville veterinarian who can help you and your furry friend through it.

Cat with veterinarian in Antioch after pet cancer treatment with pet oncology in Antioch

Understanding Cancer in Dogs and Cats With Your Nashville Veterinarian

Dogs and cats are like humans in many respects, including the fact that their risk for cancer (and other diseases) rises with age. Modern veterinary medicine is helping animals live longer, and this may be one reason we see more and more cases of cancer in dogs and cats. In fact, no less than half of all dogs aged 10 and older will get cancer. Cancer in cats in cats has a lower frequency rate -- but the cancers felines do suffer tend to be aggressive in nature, a problem complicated by cats' instinctive tendency to hide discomfort, making it harder for you to notice the danger signs. Generally, however, cancer in cats or dogs may cause symptoms such as:

• Lumps, swelling or other lesions on the body or in the mouth
• Sores or wounds that won't heal
• Loss of weight and/or appetite (or difficulty eating)
• Offensive odors or unusual discharges
• Trouble with elimination, breathing or range of motion
• Fatigue

How We Treat Your Pet’s Cancer

Whichever veterinarian in Nashville your pet sees from among our skilled team, you can rest assured that PetMed will provide him with compassionate, high-quality cancer treatment. If we detect a possible tumor during a routine wellness exam, we will run a biopsy on it to see whether it is malignant. We will then discuss your pet's treatment options with you to help you make the most informed choices. Typical pet cancer treatments include:

• Animal surgery - Animal surgery is commonly prescribed to remove either tumors. A small amount of surrounding tissue may also be removed to catch any other malignant cells in the area. When we remove large tumors, we sometimes recommend CO2 laser surgery for less bleeding and post-operative pain.

• Pet chemotherapy - You'll be relieved to know that pet chemotherapy causes fewer major side effects than human chemotherapy. We administer a course of medications that kill any cells not removed through surgery.

• Pet radiation - Pet radiation is another method for destroying cancerous cells. We don't perform this service ourselves, but we can refer you to a veterinary oncology center as needed.

Schedule Cancer Treatment from Your Nashville Veterinarian

If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, provide him with a better tomorrow by taking action today. Call PetMed today at (615) 731-8074 to schedule a consultation, evaluation and treatment from your Nashville veterinarian!

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Would NOT go anywhere else. The staff are professional, knowledgeable and care deeply about the health and welfare of your pet. If you are looking for the best care for your beloved companion, PetMed is the place to go!

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