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Pain Management for Dogs and Cats at Our Nashville Animal Hospital

There's nothing worse than seeing your beloved pet suffering from any kind of pain. Whether your pet has an acute but temporary injury or he's struggling with a chronic condition such as arthritis or neuropathy, you need to know that your Nashville veterinarian can provide the most effective treatment possible -- and that's why you need PetMed. Each Nashville veterinarian at our trusted animal hospital has the skills, experience and compassion to provide top-quality pain management for dogs and cats.

cat after discussing pain management with a Nashville Veterinarian

Signs of Pain in Your Pet Seen By Your Nashville Veterinarian

Pain in animals can stem from a variety of causes. Internal blockages, difficult labor, ear infections, broken bones, lacerations and other traumatic events can all be quite painful. But the pain that accompanies an acute illness or injury tends to resolve itself as the ailment heals. By contrast, pain associated with a chronic, incurable condition may go on indefinitely. These situations include the bone-on-bone friction of osteoarthritis, the pinched nerve pain from degenerative disc disease, hip pain from dysplasia or extreme systemic pain from late-stage cancer. In these cases, pain management for cats and dogs is critical for helping these animals enjoy the best possible quality of life.

Dogs and cats can display different reactions to pain. Your dog may try to brave normal activities despite the pain, while cats typically try to hide any signs. Both animals, however, may move slowly, limp, avoid stairs or other obstacles and refuse to be picked up. Moderate pain may produce trembling and loss of appetite. Severe pain may cause your pet to cry or make other sounds of distress. Cats who cannot step into the litterbox easily may start eliminating elsewhere, while arthritic dogs may not make it outdoors in time to avoid an accident. 

Medications, Pet Surgery and Other Kinds of Pain Management for Cats and Dogs

Your veterinarian in Nashville can diagnose the underlying cause of your pet's pain and then suggest the wisest treatment options to get that pain under control. Pain management for cats and dogs may include approaches such as:

  • Medications - Many pets respond well to NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for relief of mild to moderate pain and inflammation. Corticosteroids are stronger anti-inflammatory drugs, while opioids are generally reserved for severe pain.

  • Stem cell therapy - This remarkable technique involves injecting your pet's own stem cells into a painful ligament, tendon or joint. We use it to relieve soft tissue pain and inflammation without drugs.

  • Pet surgery - Pet surgery to reshape or replace a degenerated joint can relieve chronic pain. Your veterinarian in Nashville can also fuse arthritic vertebrae and relieve nerve compression surgically.

  • Nutritional support - We can prescribe a diet including naturally anti-inflammatory foods such as fish oil, ginger and turmeric.

Call Your Nashville Veterinarian at PetMed Today

PetMed wants to help your pet feel better. Call us today for a consultation with your Nashville veterinarian at our animal hospital!

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Would NOT go anywhere else. The staff are professional, knowledgeable and care deeply about the health and welfare of your pet. If you are looking for the best care for your beloved companion, PetMed is the place to go!

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