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Pet Nutrition with our Veterinarian in Antioch, TN

If you are like most pet owners, you probably consider your dog or cat part of the family. This means you want to take good care of your pet, which includes keeping up with vaccinations and ensuring they get enough exercise. If you want your pet to be as healthy as possible, you'll also want to make sure your dog or cat is getting the proper pet nutrition. With help from our trusted Antioch veterinarians, you can make sure your pet is getting the proper nutrition that it needs.

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Recommended Pet Nutrition from Our Veterinarian

Whether you have a puppy, kitten, or a mature cat or dog, proper nutrition plays a huge role. When it comes to pet nutrition, our veterinarian needs you to be aware that each stage of life for your pet has its own unique nutritional needs. For example, puppies require more protein than a fully mature dog. One reason is that protein is essential for proper growth and development.

Kittens also need protein, but you should make sure the food your kitty eats contains proteins that are easy to digest. Because kittens have more sensitive stomachs and smaller digestive systems than dogs, they generally eat smaller quantities of food in one sitting.

The nutritional needs of your pet largely depend upon the size and activity level of your dog or cat, and also the specific breed. For example, a small dog with low activity levels might only need between 185 to 370 calories a day, while a larger, more active dog might need up to 2,000 calories a day. Healthy cats that weight about 10 pounds need approximately 350 calories a day. Both dogs and cats also need plenty of clean water to drink.

If you need to know which nutrients your pet needs to achieve optimum health, our veterinarian in Antioch TN can help.

Special Health Concerns

If your pet has certain health concerns, you may need to change their diet. Some of the most common health concerns include food allergies and obesity. Some pets also have certain conditions, like diabetes, that may affect your pet's nutrition. 

When it comes to food allergies, some of the most common allergens in pet food include beef, chicken, eggs, soy, and dairy products. If you notice your pet licking its paw all the time, it could indicate a food allergy. If your pet is obese, you may need to reduce their caloric intake.

If your pet has these kinds of health concerns, you'll want to seek veterinary advice to find the right diet for your pet and ensure they are getting the nutrients they need.

Contact our Antioch, TN Veterinarians for More Pet Nutrition Information

If you need veterinary advice when it comes to pet nutrition, contact PetMed at (615) 731-8074. We are located at 1120 Bell Road in Antioch TN.

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