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Flea and Tick Prevention and Treatment at PetMed in Antioch, TN

If you can imagine being covered by tiny itching, biting pests that you could do nothing about, then you have some idea of how miserable your pet is during a flea or tick infestation. But these external parasites don't just make your pet uncomfortable; they also pose significant disease threats. That's why PetMed Veterinary is here to ensure that Antioch, TN pets receive the flea and tick prevention and treatment strategies they need to remain happily parasite-free.

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Why Fleas and Ticks Are so Harmful

Fleas are so tiny that they can be difficult to see, and even ticks don't look like much of a danger in their pre-engorged state. But these little creatures can cause big trouble for dogs and cats. Both parasites get their nourishment by biting the skin of the victim and consuming the animal's blood. Even the small amount of blood taken by each flea or tick can add up, and a small animal can actually develop life-threatening anemia from a major infestation.

The most common problems caused by fleas and ticks stem from the bites themselves. The salvia from these creatures tends to set allergic responses, causing contact dermatitis. This explains an infested animal's itchy red welts, which the animal may scratch or lick compulsively until the skin is broken (and then potentially infected). Even more serious are the diseases transmitted through the bites. Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and ehrlichiosis can all pass from ticks to pets. Pets with fleas are vulnerable to tapeworms, cat scratch fever, haemobartonellosis, or bubonic plague.

Preventative Medications and Parasite Treatment Methods

Fortunately, your pet doesn't have to be exposed to such uncomfortable issues and frightening diseases. Here at PetMed in Antioch, TN, our skilled veterinary team can recommend different kinds of preventative products to keep fleas and ticks from gaining a foothold. Some of these preventatives (which typically take the form of monthly oral or topical medications) protect against fleas but not ticks or vice versa, but many can offer dual protection.

If your pet is already struggling with a flea or tick infestation, trust PetMed to get rid of those troubling parasites. In addition to carefully removing individual offenders, medicated baths are a highly successful form of tick and flea treatment. We can then start your pet on those preventative drugs (and advise you on household pest preventative care techniques) to avoid a repeat infestation.

Protect Your Pet’s Health and Contact Our PetMed Veterinary Clinic Today

Fleas and ticks can be formidable enemies, but our PetMed veterinary clinic located at 1120 Bell Rd in Antioch, TN knows how to keep these external parasites at bay. Call (615) 731-8074 to schedule flea and tick prevention or treatment for your favorite animal!

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