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Spay and Neuter From Your Antioch, TN Veterinarian

Having your pet spayed or neutered by a trusted Antioch, TN veterinarian is the best way to prevent a litter of kittens or puppies down the road. In general, vets will recommend that all house pets such as dogs and cats be spayed or neutered once they're old enough (6-9 months for dogs and cats) and have reached the proper weight to have the procedure performed. Here at PetMed, spay and neuter surgery is just one of the many veterinary services we have to offer.

Having your pet spayed or neutered by a trusted Antioch, TN veterinarian is the best way to prevent an unwanted litter of kittens or puppies. Call today!

What Happens During the Procedure?

When your pet is spayed or neutered, it is no longer able to reproduce. For female pets, this means an ovariohysterectomy is performed and the pet is no longer able to get pregnant, and for male pets, this means an orchidectomy is performed and it cannot impregnate another female. Both procedures are very routine and, in most cases, take about 30 minutes to an hour here in our office (depending upon other services being performed at the time of appointment). Our staff has performed a number of these procedures over the years, and pets are typically able to be discharged and sent back home with their owners the following day.

Here at PetMed we strive for a higher standard of care when performing even the simplest of procedures. For example, all surgeries are monitored by a licensed veterinary technician while the veterinarian is performing the procedure. Your pet is put on a pulse oximeter to monitor their oxygen levels as well as their heart and respiration rates. Pets are also placed on a warm water blanket to aid in loss of body heat during the procedure, as most sedated animals are not able to regulate their own temperatures when anesthetized.

All pets are encouraged to have bloodwork prior to their procedure in order to check liver and kidney values to insure proper filtration of anesthesia from the blood stream. Bloodwork is optional for any pets less than 6 years old, but required for all pets 6 and older as they are considered our senior pets and are at a higher risk. Post-op pain management is given to all pets recovering from any surgical procedure and all procedures are sent home with 3-7 days worth of pain management.  

Why Spay or Neuter Your Pets?

There are many reasons as to why it's a good idea to spay or neuter your pets. For starters, doing so helps you do your part to control the pet population. Unfortunately, in the United States, there are simply too many pets and not enough homes, resulting in many otherwise healthy animals being put down each day. When you spay or neuter your pets, you prevent unplanned litters and help give the pets that are already out there a better chance at finding forever homes.

Furthermore, there are numerous health benefits to spaying or neutering your pet. For females, you won't have to worry about your pet going into heat. Plus, by preventing your pet from getting pregnant, you can keep her in better overall health. For your male pet, you will find that he is less likely to run away from home and may even be better behaved. In males, neutering can also help prevent cancer and prostate problems.

Follow-Up Care for Your Pet

When you have your pet spayed or neutered, you will likely take him or her home later that same day. Once you get home, it's important to follow some basic after-care tips to make sure your pet's incisions heal up nicely and that complications can be avoided. This will mean keeping a close eye on your pet to be sure he or she is not scratching or biting at the incision area. Furthermore, pay close attention to your pet's behaviors to ensure that there is nothing out of the ordinary to be concerned about.

More Services from Your Antioch Veterinarian

In addition to spay and neuter services, our Antioch veterinarian team here at PetMed is also happy to offer routine wellness exams, vaccinations, and so much more. We proudly serve the areas of Brentwood and Franklin as well, so give our office a call today at (615) 731-8074 to request an appointment.

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