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Pet Surgery Services From Our Veterinarian in Nashville, TN

Our veterinarian in Nashville TN, Dr. Mark Girone, has the skills and experience to provide high-quality pet surgery for a variety of needs and conditions. Today's pets have access to a remarkable variety of veterinary techniques and healing modalities, including many of the same procedures we humans may require to time to time -- such as surgery. Whether your pet is in need of surgery to repair an injury, remove a tumor or simply prevent future ailments from occurring, you want to know that your valued family member is in good hands.

veterinarian in Nashville with cat in Nashville Veterinarian's office

Our Nashville Animal Hospital's Wide Range of Surgical Procedures

Surgery is a broad category of care that addresses a full spectrum of veterinary issues, from routine care to life-saving measures. Our animal hospital can provide such diverse procedures as:

  • Spay and neuter surgery - Spay and neuter surgery counts as preventative care in more ways than one. In addition to preventing pregnancy, these sterilization procedures can eliminate or dramatically lower your pet's risk for several kinds of cancer. It also removes hormonally-driven urges that can manifest themselves as risky or even hazardous misbehavior.

  • Orthopedic surgery - Joint injury and degenerative joint damage sometimes require surgery to relieve chronic pain, stiffness and lameness. for example, your pet has a ruptured CCL (a knee ligament), we can perform surgery to reinforce the joint with suture or reshape the tibia so the leg knee can function without that ligament. We can also perform hip surgery to relieve the pain of dysplasia or fuse joints plagued by severe arthritis.

  • Internal/external surgery - If your pet is diagnosed with an internal or external lesion that may be cancerous, we can perform surgery to remove that tissue and run a biopsy on it to see if further treatment is needed. Our animal hospital can also repair internal organ problems and administer C-sections for pets who cannot give birth naturally.

  • Dental surgery - A serious infection in one tooth canpose a threat to the health of other teeth, so we may recommend surgical tooth extraction to protect your pet's oral health. We can also identify and remove oral cancers that that might otherwise cause deformity or even death.

  • Emergency surgery - Our Nashville veterinarian can surgically set complex fractures, close lacerations and remove internal blockages and foreign objects that threaten your pet's life.

Schedule Surgery With Our Nashville Veterinarian Today

Our animal hospital offers state-of-the-art techniques such as CO2 laser surgery for many soft tissue procedures. A laser beam replaces the traditional scalpel to reduce bleeding, swelling and post-operative discomfort while allowing for faster healing. But whatever surgical procedure or technology your pet requires, you'll rest easier knowing that our Nashville veterinarian is there to provide your pet with the best possible care before, during and after surgery.

Contact Our Nashville Veterinarian Today!

Call PetMed at (615) 731-8074 to schedule pet surgery for your devoted friend. We want to help him enjoy a long, healthy, comfortable life! 

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Would NOT go anywhere else. The staff are professional, knowledgeable and care deeply about the health and welfare of your pet. If you are looking for the best care for your beloved companion, PetMed is the place to go!

Patty Wilson
Nolensville, TN

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